Today PrJSC "Ukrgrafit"  is a company which was  certified   for conformity with  several international standards by SGS ICS, Ukraine simultaneously


Today PrJSC “Ukrgrafit” is the enterprise which was certified by SGS ICS, Germany for conformity with  several nternational standard, simultaneously: 
- the system of quality management for compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard; 
- the environmental management system for compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international standard; 
- the system of industrial safety and health for compliance with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 international standard.

- the system of energy management  for conformity with ISO 50001 international standard.

In 2006.  the test laboratory at PrJSC "Ukrgrafit"  is accredited  for  conformity with ISO 17025 international standard, ISO 11462 standard « Guidelines for implementation of statistical process  control» was  introduced.

In 1999, the products of the enterprise received the honorary sign «The Highest Quality». In the 2000 Ukrainian rating chart PJSC «Ukrgrafit» was among «100 best rapidly developing companies of Ukraine». Products of the enterprise have won the Ukrainian national contest «100 Best Goods Of Ukraine-2003». In 2004 PJSC «Ukrgrafit» received the international award «European quality».

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