25 September 2019

Напередодні проведення спартакіади Обласного комітету профспілки металургів і гірників України профспілковим комітетом підприємства 24 березня 2016 року було організовано особистий чемпіонат ПАТ «Укрграфіт» з настільного тенісу. У змаганнях взяли участь 12 спортсменів.

Перше місце зайняв Сливка Андрій Іванович - крановий машиніст цеху № 3;

Друге місце - Бережний Владислав Іванович - провідний інженер-технолог ЦНИЛ;

Третє місце - Нечай В'ячеслав Вікторович - провідний інженер ЦНИЛ.

17 December 2010

           In its production activity PJSC "Ukrgrafit" is guided by satisfaction of requirements of consumers due to which within a 10-year period there was a qualitative leap both in terms of product range and  quality parameters with  special attention being paid to forecasting future demands of existing consumers taking into account their plans of technical modernisation and also demands of promising markets which our enterprise is planning to gain.

30 June 2009

 On June 30, at the meeting of the division managers of the enterprise the general director of the plant S.Kutuzov and the head of the department on family and youth affairs of the Orjonikidzevsky regional administration O.Marchenko handed over to the senior foreman of workshop No.

26 June 2009
On the eve of the Youth Day, on June

 26, in the small hall of municipal executive committee the management of the city welcomed the best young workers of the industrial enterprises of Zaporozhye.

04 June 2009
       On May, 25-28, 2009 the auditors of certification body SGS-Ukraine conducted an audit of the integrated system of management for compliance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 at the enterprise.
30 March 2009
Awards of workers is worthy recognition at the state level of long honest work, active social stance of the recognized electrode manufacturers.
By the decree of the President of Ukraine No.
08 October 2008
For all products JSC "Ukrgrafit" has implemented the procedure of preliminary registration at  ЕСНА according to European REACH legislation.


16 September 2008
On September, 21 2008 the staff of Joint-stock company " Ukrainsky Grafit " celebrates the 75-th anniversary of the enterprise.
JSC "Ukrgrafit" confidently makes steps into the future which is manifested by the renovation conducted at the enterprise, continuous improvement of technology and product q
06 June 2008
Dear sirs!
Dear colleagues,  metal producers !

Satisfaction of needs of consumers in Ukraine as well as abroad in high-quality products from carbon, permitting intensifying production processes, having provided profits to shareholders, decent wages to the personnel of the works as well as environment preservation.

The products from JSC “Ukrgrafit” should prevail at metallurgical plants of Ukraine. The works is a leader among manufacturers of the CIS in respect of quality and satisfaction of consumers' needs in carbon lining materials for aluminium industry and ferrous metallurgy in the CIS countries.

1. Personnel and stable partners.
2. Regular innovations.
3. Traditions and experience of generations of Ukrainian electrode manufacturers.
4. Positive image of the works and its employees, stable public and international relations.

Only together we shall succeed! ®

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