Analytical control

Significance and prospects for development of analytical  control of product quality at JSC»Ukrgrafit»

Test management in the quality control system and promising technologies at PJSC «Ukrgrafit» is ensured by the test laboratory accredited with the right of testing according to DSTU ISO/IEC 17025-2001 „General requirements to the competence of test and calibration laboratories ” by the National agency on accreditation of Ukraine. The status of accredited laboratory ensures confidence in competence of analytical control, in reliability of assessment of product quality and assurance of its competitiveness in the market.

The main objectives of the test laboratory are as follows: to provide electrode manufacturers within the shortest terms with reliable and exact analytical information, mechanization and automation of analytical processes, solution of any problems arising in the course of the manufacturing process with the purpose of ensuring quality and satisfying customer’s requests.
At PJSC "Ukrgrafit" the laboratory control is carried out according to existing normative base, documents of the management system of PJSC «Ukrgrafit» and documents of the quality system of test laboratory «Requirements to quality» and procedures of quality.

The quality of measurements depends greatly on the quality of sample preparation. The laboratory is equipped with crushing and grinding equipment of German company FRITSCH, distinguished by high reliability, productivity and ensuring purity of analytical sample of material for tests due to application of high-quality steels and strong coating in their design.

The basis of the analytical control of electrode manufacturing is gravimetric methods of analysis. The accuracy is ensured with weighing equipment of the world-famous Swiss company Mettler-Toledo, automated efficient analyzers of moisture - HG-43 and HG-53 (Mettler), sulfur - S-144 (LECO), technical analysis -TGA-601 (LECO), density - АссuPyc 1330 (Micromeritics), Dynamic viscosity - BROОKFIELD RVDV-II viscosimeter (BROОKFIELD ENGINEERING LABORATORIIES INS).

The system of quality assurance for laboratory analyses ensures conducting within-laboratory and interlaboratory control (operative and statistical). The laboratory is equipped with SSS (State Standard Samples), SSP (Standard Samples of the Plant), gages, that ensure reliability and accuracy of the results of control.

For ensuring competitiveness of products of our plant in the market the introduction of new methods of tests under the international standards DIN, ISO, ASTM was required.

One of the contemporary ways of organizing analytical control in a laboratory is the introduction of workstations. Local information network in the laboratory, beginning from registration of samples and ending with statistical treatment of property values of raw materials and finished products has been set up. Calculation and analysis of control results, estimation of measurement accuracy will be carried out with the help of special software in the form of control statistical cards. All automated workstations in the laboratory are included in the information network of the enterprise.

Special attention is given to improving professional skills and training of the personnel, both managers and executors. Annual checking of operators' knowledge of measurement technique and safety instructions is held. Special courses and extension courses are systematically provided for the specialists of the laboratory.

The personnel of the division believes that further analytical control development is based on improving work on the basis of automated control, introduction of new test methods according to international standards DIN, ISO, confirmation of quality of tests by taking part in robin tests, improvement of the test laboratory management system according to new version of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025-2006.

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